Zhejiang Zhengji Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

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Location: China 🇨🇳Business Type: Manufacturer
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Plastic Foldable Box, Collapsible Storage Crate

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Zhejiang Zhengji Plastic Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1990, is located in Zhejiang Tongxiang Economic Development Zone which has the beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Aircraft route: our company is only 1 hour's drive from hangzhou xiaoshan airport or only two hours' drive from Shanghai pudong airport.High railway line: our company is only 20 minutes drive from tongxiang high-speed railway station.Zhengji has passed the ISO: 9001:2015 quality system certification.The workshop area of the company is more than 20,000 square meters, and there are more than 30 computer injection molding machines of 100-800t each type.Since 2012, the company has invested a lot of money in product research and development projects, guaranteeing the speed of launching two new products every month to meet the market demand.Independently developed and produced pin - shaft folding turnover box, new tray - type enclosure box.Ventilation and heat dissipation flower storage and transportation box and other products, won a number of national invention patents, utility model patents and other patents.All folding boxes adopt environmental protection design. After the end of the product life cycle, they do not need to be disassembled, selected and decomposed.The company mainly serves electronics, machinery, logistics, storage, medicine, vegetables, chain distribution, deep processing of agricultural products and other industries and enterprises.Offers a variety of specifications, use of folding turnover box, revolving basket, and supporting products, who are interested to promote the enterprise image, reduce business operating costs, improve the efficiency of warehousing, logistics of users, with electronic tags, electronic products such as tracking service.Our main customers include jiuyang, meiling, jinyi egg industry, fareo, koushuiwa, aima car industry, yiguo fresh and other enterprises.The company has also launched a new series of folding cartons for household and clothing, with unique open-top and side open side design, meeting the requirements of daily home, travel and movement.Especially rich color (yellow, pink, sky blue, grass green wait for color to choose from), students, city apartment (dormitory) all people love, because of its small size, such as stackable advantage.Reasonable use of space, significantly improve living conditions.Our core competitiveness:1) R&D department welcomes your OEM projects. 3 engineer teams have presented 1-3 new items for your new injection mold ;2) QC department with 5 engineers control your goods to meet the standard and deliver on time.3)Design department makes your printing and packing easy4)ISO:9001 / SGS/ LFGB FOOD GRADE certificate5)We prepare regular color stock, sample or small order also is OK.6)Our folding crate'volume is 1/5 of the original, and our developed product size accord with international tray to use, not only increase container ship PCS, saving storage space, also improve the operating efficiency of 50% by realize mechanized handling. Zhengji company adhering to the concept of being the upright man, positively working, efficient collaboration, harmony and sharing. It committed to folding cartons product development and manufacturing with concentrate, focus, professional behavious conduct. To provide customers with environmentally friendly, highly cost-effective high-quality folding cartons as mission; take concrete actions to practice the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, to protect our common planet.We are a brand building company, focused on growing our strongest brands and markets. We recognise the importance of clearly differentiating and developing our brands, to excite and engage our consumers and grow returns for our customers.We believe strong brands can play a positive role in helping consumers make educated choices about the food and beverage products they consume.

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